Monday, 13 August 2012

Little Rituals

How happy I was to read the article 'Little Rituals' in the September issue of Writing Magazine. This article (if you haven't read it) asks writers about those little things they have to do before they can settle down to write - mine is emptying the dishwasher.

Anyway, the reason I was happy was because in this article, the journalist Patricia Carswell says that she has to have certain cups at certain times of the day. Hurrah! A fellow sufferer!

My family despair at my cup OCD - woe betide anyone who gives me coffee in a tea mug or tea in the afternoon in my morning tea mug!

My husband thinks it is unfair as there are no set rules.

"But this is a thick mug - it must be for coffee!" he says. But no. It's not that simple.

"It can't be for coffee because it is too big," I tell him.

"But I thought it was only thin mugs for tea." Do I hear a touch of despair?

"Thin mugs, unless they are short or the big thick yellow one, which is too thick for coffee so has to be for tea."

He has the patience of a saint!

I must say, though, that after being married to me for two years he is doing very well. There is no longer trepidation on his face when he hands me my early morning up of tea and I no longer feel the need to give him the 'Cup Test' each time I empty the dishwasher. If the mug is wrong, a 'How could you do this to me?' look is all that is required.

These are my mugs. It will be quite obvious, I am sure, which one is used at which time (or maybe it is only obvious to me and Patricia!)

Early morning tea cups

Cofee cups (but not last thing at night)


General tea cups (but not first thing in the morning)

My husband's mug (I couldn't possibly use it!)


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