Tuesday, 7 August 2012

A Typical Walk with Bonnie

Wendy and Bonnie are walking along river bank
Wendy: Tra la la
Bonnie: Woof
(Meets nice family with little boy)
Little Boy: (Stroking Bonnie's head) I want a dog like this one Mum.
Boys Mum: (Rubbing Bonnie's tummy) Yes she's lovely. What a good dog you have.
Wendy: (Smiling) Thank you. Yes she is, isn't she. I always think a happy home means a happy dog.

Wendy and Bonnie continue walk
Wendy: Tra la la
Bonnie: Woof
(Meets nice man with Collie)
Collie: (Whispering) What's your problem mongrel dog?
Bonnie: Grrrrr...I'm going to eat you.
Bonnie and Collie fight
Wendy: (Lying) I'm really sorry. I haven't had her long. She's a rescue dog and had a very bad puppyhood.
Nice Man scowls

Wendy and Bonnie walk home. Bonnie is now on lead
Wendy: Why did you have to embarass me like that?
Bonnie: (Looking up adoringly) Woof

Bonnie in the Lake District

And the reason I am writing this: another rejection from The People's Friend and I am procrastinating when I should be finishing my next story!

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