Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Ten Things You Learn Once You've Finished Your Novel

1. The writing of the novel is only the beginning.

2. Everything takes a very long time. Not easy, if you are impatient by nature.

3. You will doubt your ability over and over again.

4. You must expect setbacks but find the strength to stay positive.

5. You will start to wonder if the story that's been in your heart and mind for months will ever be read.

6. You will find it hard to settle to anything until you know your novel's fate.

7. You will be eternally grateful for your supportive writing friends.

8. Your email will become both friend and foe.

9. You will compare your novel to everything your read.

10. You will wonder why you ever embarked on this route.


You'll also learn that you're totally unprepared for the enormous sense of achievement you'll feel after you've typed THE END.

Enjoy that feeling... you've earned it!


  1. Spot on! And I like that bit where the ending suddenly becomes clear, and you know how you’re going to get to the end 😝

  2. So accurate, Wendy, every single one of these. Sometimes I wonder how we find the strength and patience to stay with it, but it will definitely all be worth it. Wishing you good news very soon XXX

  3. I relate to all of these but no 8 in particular! Hate that part of waiting for news and dreading the incoming email ...

  4. I'll check back when I finish mine Wendy, but I do know I've been learning more with each draft I complete. :-)

  5. How true - I can identify with all of that. Good luck, Wendy!

  6. How very true, Wendy - it's that sense of achievement and eternal hope that keeps us going!

  7. If you're self-published....this is only the START of the journey! You will now have to get a friend to edit it, sort the cover, format it, get it edited again ...oh the fun!