Sunday, 7 January 2018

Writing Targets for 2018

It's that time of year again when teacakes are eaten and writing goals are set.

On Monday, writing chum, Tracy Fells, and I met up in our favourite cafe. We ordered teacakes and coffee and went back over 2017 to see whether or not we'd achieved last year's goals (you can read them here). We also set new targets for the coming year. It's the fifth year we've done this as we've found it's a great way to keep us focused in the months ahead. 

Without further ado.... here are my 2018 writing goals. Hopefully I shall:

  • Continue to submit two stories a month to magazines.

  • Submit something new to the RNA New Writers' Scheme reader for a critique in August.

  • Continue to submit to agents/publishers with a view to having my first two novels published.

As with last years goals, I've tried to make them manageable ones. Also, you never know when life's going to throw you a curve ball and you have to change your plans (I certainly wasn't expecting to lose my agent last year and have to start again along that route). 

My other (non-writing related) news is that I'm taking up a new challenge... I'm learning the violin. Yes, you heard me correctly. The violin. A while ago, I got it into my head that I'd love to learn to play this instrument. I have no idea why and neither did anyone else! 

Imagine my surprise when I opened my Christmas present from my husband and found this...

His present to himself was earplugs and now that I've tried it out I can see why! I'm determined to learn though and my final goal is to be able to play some carols on it by next Christmas. Think I will succeed?

And that's the end of my goals for this year. Do you set yearly writing targets?


  1. Great goals! Best of luck that you achieve them all.

  2. A lovely blog! All the best with your aims x

  3. Sorry to anyone who has difficulty posting a comment on my blog. I’ve no idea why that’s happening. This is a lovely email I received from Paula who had that problem. Good luck with your goals, and I'm sure that with a lot of practise, you will be playing carols by Christmas 2018.’

    Paula Stanley (writing as Christina Hollis)

  4. Here's to our teacake updates on these goals ... clink clink

  5. Good luck with your writing goals, Wendy and also learning the violin. I've decide to brush up on German, a language I haven't spoken since senior school. Auf wiedersehen!

    1. Ooh, I’m really bad wit languages. Hope it goes well, Rae.

  6. Wishing you lots of success with your goals, Wendy, and with learning to play the violin. When I was in my late forties, I started having piano lessons - a long-held dream - and am so glad I did xxx