Monday, 5 June 2017

Like buses...

I was thinking the other day how good news in our writing world comes like buses. One day, there is no bus in sight (and you begin to imagine you'll be standing at that stop waiting for forever) and then the next minute two of more come along.

I had that feeling recently. I'd been working on my novel and had been subbing less magazine stories than usual during the previous months. Because of this, I hadn't had a sale for a while and my stories hadn't been appearing so frequently in the magazines. It was only to be expected but it made me sad nonetheless.

Had my stop become obsolete?

Were the buses favouring the stop round the corner with the new bus shelter and the shiny stop sign?

Then... just like those buses... good news came around the corner and pulled up at my bus stop. The driver waved two story sales at me and, just as I was preparing to leave that bus stop the following day, he waved two more!

"Oh, and you have two stories out this week," he said before pulling away.

And I did!


I'll try not to complain about having to wait for a bus again.

My story, 'On the Shore' and 'The Gift of Hope' can be found in this week's The People's Friend and The People's Friend Special.


  1. Well done Wendy.

    It's difficult to write short stories when you're concentrating on novel length stories, but the skills never go away- thankfully. :-)

    1. I know - you get pulled both ways don't you, Carol.

  2. This is so true, Wendy. Congrats on all the continued sales and publications :) x

  3. Such different skills. Hard to jump from one to the other and back again but you've obviously mastered how to do it. Well done!

  4. That's a pretty impressive haul. I think I must be standing at the wrong stop.

  5. I'm impressed! And you're writing a novel too. There is no stopping you.
    Seriously, well done, you've worked very hard to get to where you are now.

  6. Congratulations on the sales, Wendy and good luck with the novel.

  7. Thanks Keith. It's getting there.