Sunday, 15 November 2015

Who'd Have Thought? - Quick Fire Guest Patsy Collins

Last week, writing chum Tracy Fells and I were lucky enough to meet up with fellow magazine writer and author Patsy Collins for a considerable amount of cake. I even had a tour of her campervan (she must like me). With Patsy cornered in the cafe, it was the perfect opportunity to ask her some quick fire questions. Of course it was a bit of a risk as, with Patsy, you can never be certain what the answers might be! I shall now unveil them.

Hi Wendy and thanks for inviting me onto your blog to answer some easy questions. I just hope they don't involve decisions. I'm not good at making decisions.

Black or pink?

If the pink is bright then pink, otherwise black. Pale pink doesn’t really go with purple. Actually I’m not sure bright pink does either. So black. 
I thought you said these were going to be easy?

Strictly or X Factor


Kindle or paperback?

Both. I don’t want to rule out a good book which is only available as a paperback or vice versa.

Fireman or paramedic?

Fireman. They know how to handle hot stuff ;-) 

Night in or night out?

A night out in the camper van. 

Camping or glamping?

If that’s your idea of a trick question you need to buck up my girl. Campervanning, obviously!

Jane Eyre or Frankenstein?

Jayne Eyre. The plot relies on coincidence a little too much for my liking, but otherwise it’s a great story.

Letter or email?

Email, although I feel just slightly guilty about that.

Beer or champagne?

Champagne. Or Cava. Or Cremant de Alsace. Or Prosecco. If my drink has bubbles I want it to be white and to taste of wine. Unless it’s a gin and tonic.

Cats or dogs?

Dogs. I like to be loved.

Heels or slippers?

Why aren’t boots an option? I have slipper boots, high heeled boots, hiking boots, wellies, even rigger boots. I could have answered a question on boots.

Boiled or poached?

That one’s easy. Poached. Spiced pears poached in port or poached eggs on a buttered muffin v boiled cabbage or socks.

Thank you, Patsy. That was... erm... interesting! 

Alice has a fantasy. It starts with being rescued by a hunky fireman, involves the kiss of life and ends in him not needing his uniform. At the New Forest Show, Alice is offered an innocent version of her dream. Reluctantly she turns down fireman Hamish's invitation.

Despite Alice's blameless behaviour, boyfriend Tony's obsessive jealousy kicks in. Hamish wants to take Tony's place, but a hoaxer ensures Alice already sees far too much of Hampshire Fire Service. The threat of an explosive sprout surprise, her mum's baking, sister Kate's mind boggling pep talks and the peculiar behaviour of Alice's boss Miles provide distractions.

Is Alice really in danger? What is Kate up to? Can Hamish possibly be as perfect as he seems? It takes Alice masses of wonderful food, disgusting wine, smelly mud, red footed crows and steamy Welsh passion, but she finds the answers. And rethinks her fantasy.

You can buy Firestarter here


  1. Phew that was hectic but fun. Thanks, Wendy and Patsy. Looking forward to our next cake conference ... hmm now where shall we meet next time?

    1. So many cake shops, so little time! Hope we can do it again before too long.

    2. We'll make it sooner than a year next time :)

  2. Sounds like a fun time was had by all, Wendy. :))

    I'm amazed you managed to get Patsy to even consider Pink or Black.

    1. My suffering wasn't in vain, Carol - at least now if she tells anyone else she's just going to ask them a few simple questions, they'll know what kind of devilishness to expect.

    2. Oh ye of little faith, Patsy! And yes, Carol - we had a lovely time.

  3. Great questions, Wendy and great answers, Patsy. I'm with you on the boots and - well everything really :-) xx

    1. Now why am I not surprised you'd say dogs, Teresa :)

    2. You're a very sensble woman, Teresa!

  4. I'd have gone for boots 👢 of all kinds as well. Great interview and replies as well 👢😊

  5. Great fun. Started my day with a smile. Thank you, ladies

  6. I'm with Natalie. So good to read something cheering today. Thanks, ladies.

  7. As amusing as expected - great answers, Patsy!