Friday, 11 October 2013

Destiny According to Doris - Read My Story in Fiction Feast

Another in my series of inspirations behind the stories.

The inspiration behind Destiny According to Doris, which can been found in this month's Fiction Feast, came from a memory I had of a day many years ago now. My children were around 6 and 10 at the time and we had popped into our little town's community centre as they were holding a 'holistics fair'. I only went in because I'd pulled a muscle in my neck and the sign outside mentioned a Reiki head massage which I thought might help (actually it was excruciating and made it much worse!).

While I was in there, I noticed a sign for a tarot reading at the back of the hall. I've always been fascinated by anything psychic, not because I believe in it (far from it) but because I love trying to work out how it's done.

For the first time ever, I decided to have a reading - just for a laugh. I had visions of a mysterious woman dressed in a gauzy headscarf with jingling coins around the edge - not sure where the image came from... the book of clich├ęs I expect. When I sat down though, I have to say I was immensely disappointed: The psychic turned out to be rather ordinary looking and dressed as though she'd just come back from a morning at Tescos.

If you're a susceptible sort, she was very convincing. The reading was taped and for a small sum you could buy a copy to take home. This I did and when I got home I enjoyed going through all her comments and working out how she had come to each one.

I found the tape the other day at the back of a drawer and I would like to be able to tell you that what she said was:
  • One day you will write for magazines
  • You will inherit a very bad dog called Bonnie
  • You will marry a very handsome inventor of a story timeline
...but of course she didn't. What she actually said, amongst other generalisations, was:
  • I see someone in your future (obviously noticed the ringless finger)
  • You will have some problems to overcome  (obviously noticed the children rampaging round the hall)
  • Any money worries will improve (obviously noticed my empty purse as I paid her)
A bit of a let down all in all, so I decided to make the psychic in my story much more interesting - I think I managed it!


  1. I saw a psychic at one of those fayres once. I gave absolutely nothing away as she spoke, didn't nod or anything, but I was quite shaken afterwards as she seemed to "know" things about me and my family. I'm looking forward to reading your story :-) x

    1. I'm sure it's all a very clever trick, Teresa but it is odd.

  2. I read your story and loved it - clever and heart-warming :o)

    1. Without wanting to sound cheesy, I said to my husband after reading yours, "This is why Karen, no relation, Clarke has a 3 book deal!"

  3. Wendy
    I've read your story and enjoyed it too! And I know what you mean about psychics being intriguing! I'm too scared to have my fortune told. I don't really believe it but what if they said something that frightened me?! I'm frightened of being frightened!! I did actually once have my tarot cards read. It was at a work's Christmas dinner and one of our sales reps (a woman), who was a bit strange, offered to do my reading. I was a bit merry at the time - as you are at these work 'dos', so I agreed. Actually, I have to say, that although I didn't think so at the time, she was uncannily accurate. She turned a card over and told me that I was involved with a man who 'seems strong but is weak' - that turned out to be absolutely true. Hmm.. maybe there's something in it after all...

    1. I think I only had it done because I don't believe in such things - otherwise I would have been scared too.

  4. Really enjoyed the inspiration post, Wendy - will try and get a copy to read the story now!